Who We Are

Passion and Performance.  For over 30 years Foster Reeve has pursued the art and craft of fine plasterwork, with the goal of reviving this lost trade and placing it again among the top choices for quality build material.

Celebrating this high performance material along with its inherent health benefits and intrinsic beauty, Foster Reeve has created a company of  artists, artisans, engineers and management staff that are second to none in their commitment quality and customer satisfaction.

Calcium, the main ingredient in gypsum plaster, is the 5th most abundant element in the crust of the earth, in sea water, and in your body.  Using plaster to envelop us in our buildings is a natural and healthful choice. That plaster can be moulded gives it nearly infinite design possibilities. The plaster mouldings and applications become one with walls and ceilings make them 100% stable, which aside from the performance benefits, allows them to be imbedded seamlessly into the geometry of the space providing for elegant lines and transitions.

The Staff

The Studio at Foster Reeve & Associates.

The Studio at Foster Reeve & Associates.


In the studio is where the magic happens—and our plaster team knows their stuff. Our expert crafts people, mold making team and in house sculptors come together to make all our custom products. Nurturing your designs and engineering them to scale with the room at hand, these sketches and ideas ripen into immaculate plaster casts.

We sculpt, run and mold all of our work before we get it out to the installation team in the field. With such large scale production capabilities, paired with such knowledgeable staff, we are able to produce high quality products with record turn around time.


Prompt, professional and wise.

Prompt, professional and wise.

Our installation experts combine fundamental carpentry skills with exceptional plaster expertise and an artisan’s eye for detail and quality.

Here at Foster Reeve & Associates, Inc. we also use our own special application technique which bonds each crown, cast and medallion with the wall in a way no other plaster application can; making even our flatwork unprecedented. This method ensures an impeccable finish that will withstand weather and time to sustain your design on both interior and exterior work.

On every job we provide our own Project Managers to assist and oversee installation and safety; always ensuring a smooth application process in record time. Prompt, professional and wise with experience—you’ll easily see the difference in a high quality plaster finish that lasts. A Foster Reeve finish is final.

Foster Reeve's in-house designers realize your vision.

Foster Reeve's in-house designers realize your vision.


Actively participating in the ‘hands on’ tradition of building, our in-house designers and engineers are available to provide their expertise to help you articulate your desires and realize your vision.

Maximum efficiency unsurpassed quality are paramount. Equipped with AutoCAD, fine arts and architectural backgrounds we are able to intimately focus on developing and coordinating your designs.

The uncompromising synthesis of our engineering and design departments allows us to reduce production and installation time, making the job as cost effective for the client as possible.