Peter Pennoyer Architects: Apartments, Townhouses, Country Houses

Foster Reeve featured on page 108!

Foster Reeve featured on page 108!

Did you pick up a copy of Peter Pennoyer and Anne Walker's latest and greatest: Apartments, Townhouses, Country Houses? They released this stunning addition to their collaborative collection of highly-educational and endlessly beautiful publications last winter, and we can never get enough of it! The book kicks off with a foreword by none other than Robert A.M. Stern singing Peter Pennoyer's praises as gifted and priceless designer as well as an undervalued entity to the world: "...the architect as public intellectual." Such intellect shines through with the twenty featured knock-out buildings that Pennoyer's firm has completed in a multitude of America's settings (and alongside some of the country's top interior designers, to boot); each with an eye-full of gorgeous photographs documenting their interiors, exteriors and even a few landscapes.


If there is one thing that is true of each of the projects featured in this book, it is that Pennoyer has made it clear there will be no compromise of aesthetic value nor neglecting to consult historical precedents on his watch. An appropriation of history's architecture won't be necessary if you carry its core principles and the hearts conviction with you as you set out to begin the design of a house. 


And what's more, is here at Foster Reeve & Associates, we've had the pleasure of collaborating with Peter Pennoyer Architects; and we were thrilled to see a recently completed NYC Townhouse was included in this gem! If you've already snagged a copy of this beautiful book, go ahead and flip to page 108 (the Grosvenor Atterbury Townhouse) to enjoy an eye-full of what a full Foster Reeve plaster program looks like! And if you haven't seen this book yet, we'd strongly recommend you grab yourself a copy, a good cup of coffee and let yourself enjoy the experience of some of today's finest architecture and design with a Foster Reeve finish!