Support The Arts

True to his artistic background and affinity for the arts, Foster Reeve is an actively supportive patron of the Institute for Classical Architecture & Art (ICA&A). Priding themselves on “Advancing the practice and appreciation of the classical tradition in architecture, urbanism & the allied arts”, the ICA&A is an exemplary organization definitive of what it means to sustain history through education and preservation. A member of over ten years, donor and collaborator with the Institute, Foster Reeve has enjoyed the opportunity to incorporate his talents and the expertise of his staff here at Foster Reeve & Associates, Inc. into his participation with the Institute.

Upon the ICA&A’s inheritance of a remarkable collection of Historic Plaster Casts from the Metropolitan Museum, we were able to offer our services in putting some of our specialty knowledge and skill to use. In restoring some of these priceless artifacts, we were able to breathe life back into them, as well as our own affinity for architectural, ornamental and sculptural plaster work.

You can also view the ‘Triumphal Arch Of Acosta’ here or at the ICA&A’s main office in New York City.

In an effort to continue our support and alliance with the Institute we offer a restoration and preservation internship through their education program where interns can work hands-on with the actual damaged, historical pieces of their stellar Plaster Cast Collection.