Wall Finishes

At FRA we advocate for integral colored plaster finishes as a substitute for painted surfaces.  The advantages of integral colored plaster are significant.

There is a substantial health benefit from replacing the chemical skin of a painted interior with a naturally healthful product. Gypsum is fundamentally the same as a seashell, in which much of life thrives on our planet, and that is why we at FRA primarily provide traditional gypsum based finishes. These finishes can be repaired relatively easily, and can be sealed and maintained using natural soaps and waxes. Lime washes are also an option that is a wonderfully healthy choice for a human habitat.


Integral colored plaster finishes are rich in depth and character.  Subtle variations in texture and sheen make these the perfect background for furniture, artwork, and life.  These finishes can be very quiet, where the onlooker would not immediately notice the finish as unique. Or they can be strong, as in the case of a full ashlar cut stuc pierre limestone assembly.  In any case the effect is to lift the quality of the physical experience and set the stage for a full and comfortable interior.