Stuc Pierre


Stuc pierre (plaster stone) is a mix of French limestone and gypsum that, when rendered, produces the look and feel of limestone.  Finished with special soaps, which becomes the maintenance program, stuc pierre is simple to maintain and repair.  Applications range from a simple wall finish to cast elements to a full ashlar cut, paneled walls and trim.  The fact that stuc pierre both casts and renders beautifully makes it a great choice for integral colored work.

The history of stuc pierre dates to the Housman renovation of Paris where an excess of limestone quarrying inspired the recycling of the scrap limestone.  This scrap was ground and mixed with gypsum to be used in the interior public spaces as a faux limestone.  Paneled walls and trim were rendered in place and, while still “green” (set but not fully cured), ashlar pattern joint lines were cut through everything, giving a substantial aspect to the work. 

Stuc pierre is a great choice for the public areas of grand homes where one may want to pull together entry, gallery halls, and vestibules into a continuous and substantial look.  It also makes a wonderful wall finish that can range from quiet and elegant to playful and artistic. Today many buildings in Paris are adorned with stuc pierre, including The Louvre, George V Hotel, The Maurice, and many other public, private and government buildings.