Around the 17th century in Italy, artisans and craftspeople were branching out further in their exploration for more highly decorative and cost effective means to adorn their buildings. Among this search for high quality decorative material, was the conception of Scagliola—a brilliant, affordable, plaster technique developed as an alternative to marble and other semi-precious cut stones.

Like natural stone, the complex twists and veins go deep into the surface, providing a durable finish that is far more permanent and far more natural in appearance than faux surfaces. The varying techniques developed to make Scagliola also have the opportunity to create a marble-like surface with colors more vibrant and surfaces more impenetrable than those which they were derived from— creating a rather irrefutable piece of artistic evidence, that the craft of plaster is one of utmost skill and mastery.

Here at Foster Reeve & Associates, Inc. we honor this practice and aspect of the plaster craft by working with our own in-house artisans to serve you best. Be it Scagliola columns, fireplace mantles, custom cast ornamentation, or any other design, we actualize your vision in the tradition of the masters.