Wall Paneling

Plaster wall paneling comes in a variety of forms. Above, you see the simple applied moulding to a finished wall. This is the simplest and most economical application. Our monolithic install process ensures that these panel mouldings will never crack or separate and will need no maintenance ever due to temperature or humidity fluctuations. As with all of Foster Reeve's mouldings, they're guaranteed for life. 

Below, you will see the various applied sunk panel and raised panel assemblies. These are often inclusive of chair rail, wainscotting, door and window casing, and base cap/ baseboard. As you can see in the detail drawings, there is a base layer of GWB (drywall), upon which all of these assemblies are built. A standard sunk panel application will use the lower panel level as the existing drywall. For the raised panel application, an infill of drywall and plaster skim will create the raised panel.

Additionally, large ornate panels can be preassembled and installed as entire units, like the panels below.