Wall Finishes

At FRA, all wall finishes are created from gypsum-based, integral color, aggregated products. This means that they are dry powder mixed with water at the jobsite and that they set in a specific amount of time. Other finishes that arrive wet in a bucket, such as Venetian plaster, which air dries on the wall, do not tend to have the resilience or subtlety of the former.

So for the gypsum-based finishes, FRA prefers to begin with a raw drywall substrate. We take responsibility for the integrity of this substrate and we like to see firsthand the quality of the screw and/or nail attachment. Our first step is to fire tape and skim coat using paper tape and Durobond. This provides us the flexibility to utilize any form of drywall substrate, including whiteboard, blueboard, fiber rock, Densglass, Densshield, etc. No bonding agent is required in this application, thus we maintain a degree of suction to the substrate, which allows for a more robust application of the finish.