FRA Shapeform is a lightweight, GFRG (Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum) panel system specifically designed for large, complex assemblies. Though typically used for ceiling applications, shapeform is versatile and can be used for many vertical applications as well. 

Here is a series of three butterfly groin vaults whose complex geometry was captured perfectly with our shapeform process. Each groin vault came in two sections and was installed and finished in less than one week. 

Here is an example of a barrel vault ceiling where the lightweight panels were installed without framing, and were finished in less than two weeks. To the right, you can see the completed drawings for the ceiling and below you can see the installation and finished product. 

Construction of a barrel vault ceiling

Finished barrel vault ceiling from previous photo



Here is a shallow elliptical coffered barrel with embedded light fixtures and integral HVAC grilles. The trim rings for the light fixtures were prefitted in the shop with provisions made for mounting the light housing. The HVAC grille was embedded at the end walls in an arched beam that connected to a plenum for air supply. Shop drawings

Here is a coffered dome we are currently working on, please stay tuned for finished photos.