Profile Crown Mouldings

Benchrun for a curved profile moulding

To install crown mouldings, we measure begin by measuring out the space, attaching a temporary strip of plywood for the moulding to rest upon while drying, and predrilling holes where the mouldings will go. After this, we wet the mouldings one by one with water-- this keeps the glue adhesive from drying too quickly. We then attach the moulding to the wall using a plaster and glue mixture and secure it with the screws. We repeat this process for each moulding while carefully removing the excess glue mixture and the plywood. When all of the mouldings are installed, we tighten the screws and fill the holes. Lastly, we gently sand the filled in areas and inspect for any missing areas or damaged work to be fixed. After a few days, the plaster mouldings are fully dry and ready to be painted! You can find a more detailed explanation of the process on pages 6-10 of our Made-to-Measure catalog.