Ornamental Mouldings

The ornamental process at FRA is very specific. We either design and sculpt new elements, take them from our collection of existing modules, or a combination of both. In the end, the final product is a unique mould for the client and will be discarded, as this is a proprietary design. Ornamentation can take on many forms. It can be the embellishment and enrichment of standing and running trim or it can be a standalone ornament such as a ceiling medallion, an overdoor panel, a bas relief embedded in a wall or a custom HVAC grille. In short, there is almost no limit to the creative potential of incorporating ornamentation into the built plaster environment. FRA owns thousands of ornamental modules that are both inspirational and directly useful in creating custom designs for any project. The design team at FRA, headed by Foster Reeve and Emily Bedard, stands ready to assist with developing the correct and beautiful ornament your project deserves. Starting with a module mould that is either from our collection or custom-made, we assemble the final pattern for the final mould. After making rubber moulds from the designs, our artisans in our factory then mix the gypsum plaster and cast the moulds. Once the plaster mouldings are set, we carefully remove them from the moulds. Our team then checks every detail of the plaster castings to ensure perfection and we apply our various finishes.