Classic Ceilings

Classic ceiling assemblies differ from our shapeform assemblies in that they are monolithically attached to a drywall substrate. The three types of classic ceilings are: tracery, beam assemblies, and ornate applied designs. Typically these ceilings begin with a flat plane of drywall and can range in design from a highly classical Adams ceiling to a more contemporary tracery or beam assembly. In all cases, we emphasize efficiency on the installation process. 

For tracery ceilings, it is often economical to include the background plane in the modular castings. These modules are adhered like tile to a flat drywall substrate and can be easily joined by the installers.

Ceiling design

Intricate tracery ceiling

For beam assemblies, as well as some irregular coffer designs, the background drywall plane is built out to accommodate the geometry. The examples below illustrate this technique.

Traditional Adams style ceiling

For delicately ornate ceilings, often the background ceiling plane will be cast along with the ornament. This will be flanked into the ceiling plane, producing a seamless background to any level of ornamental subtlety and complexity.