The showroom at FRA is filled with ornamental pieces from a wide variety of sources and inspirations.  We have cataloged thousands of richly carved elements to inspire and be used by the design community.  Our Ornamental Catalog records the group of these that are available to the public.

 Ornament can range from formal to playful, subtle to grand - the important thing is that it is beautiful and appropriate to the setting.  Two ingredients are required to achieve the maximum effect; great design, and great artistry.  We struggle with the cost of the hand made product today, both in time and money, but we do not want to settle for a cheap look, or an ill-fitted product.  To address this challenge FRA has composed a catalog of most of our sculpted elements from the past 20 years for the design community to use to build custom ornamental pieces, while saving time and money on custom sculpture.  These ornamental elements are richly carved, modulated, and ready for incorporation into your design.  They are also a great resource to inspire the design effort.

The complete Foster Reeve Ornamental Collection Catalog (PDF) is available here.