Made-to-Measure Profile Mouldings

The complete Foster Reeve Made-to-Measure Profile Mouldings Catalog (PDF) is available here.


Profile mouldings are often best expressed in plaster. Plaster mouldings have a beautiful aspect; their crisp and clear lines have an innate softness to the eye. Profile mouldings can be made from a variety of gypsums, which allow door casings, baseboards, chair rails, and panel mouldings to be as resilient, if not more so, than wood. Here are some of the benefits of using plaster in your project interior:

  • Design – Plaster allows for vast design possibilities, including nearly unlimited profile options, the opportunity to embed trim into a gypsum wall surface, as well as many geometric assemblies that would be prohibitive in other materials.

  • Performance – Plaster mouldings are guaranteed to be free from cracking or otherwise degrading. This means that you will not be caulking and repainting joints or margins as the seasons change. Many of the common issues that plague wood installations- nail pops, cracked joints, and disconnections- are non-existent when working with plaster. Additionally, a variety of gypsums are used for interior plaster mouldings. Baseboards, casings, chair rails, and panel mouldings are all produced using high strength hydrocal, FGR, or ultracal gypsum, providing a finished product that performs as well or better than wood. Our trademark monolithic attachment method allows us to provide a lifetime warranty on all of our installations.

  • Health – Plaster (gypsum/ calcium sulfate) is a healthful product for new construction.  Plaster does not off-gas and additionally is mildly antimicrobial, so it does not support mold.  Plaster can be finished naturally as well, using lime washes, soaps and natural waxes.  Gypsum is used in Chinese medicine, in air and water purification, and is a excellent choice for the interior skin and trimmings of any space. 

  • Cost - Considering everything listed above, the difference in price between plaster and wood mouldings is often negligible for your simple work, and indeed for many of the more complex applications plaster is indeed the most economical option.

From crown and ceiling mouldings to casings, panel mouldings, chair rails and bases, plaster provides unparalleled design options and superior quality for the conscientious project team and most importantly – the owner.