Plaster ceilings can be assembled in a variety of methods. The most popular methods of creating geometric ceiling assemblies are elements applied over a flat drywall background or the use of a panel system. The former I refer to as our classic ceiling and the latter is our trademark shapeform product.

Classic ceilings encompass everything that is monolithically adhered to a gypsum substrate. This includes everything from a traditional Adam style ceiling to a patterned tracery ceiling and certain other geometric designs. For details on our assembly and installation methods for classic ceilings, go here.

Shapeform is a lightweight panel system that is used to create complex and regular geometry. Massive vaulted ceilings, panelized tracery patterns, all kinds of coffered assemblies, large coves, and any geometry that a designer desires can be created using our system. For more details on our assembly and installation methods for shapeform, go here.